WALSER STUDIO FLAT WALSER STUDIO FLAT Place: Val Formazza (VB)Year: 2023Design: Dall’albero all’arteMaterials:  OUR CREATIONS

CHAMPLAS SEGUIN’S VIBES CHAMPLAS SEGUIN’S VIBES Every house has its own soul, just like people. Inside this house there is an atmosphere of calm and serenity. It is not a very large house, but this makes the organization of the different spaces even more challenging and satisfying. Once inside you will perceive the profound tranquility …

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LIMONE CHALET LIMONE CHALET Place: Limone (CN)Year: 2022Design: Dall’albero all’arteMaterials – COVERINGS: larch and old firFURNISHINGS: walnut, larch, old fir, chestnut, cortenFLOOR: Oak OUR CREATIONS

MARIA VITTORIA CHALET MARIA VITTORIA CHALET Place: Sestriere (TO)Year: 2022Design: Dall’albero all’arteMaterials: Larch and old fir OUR CREATIONS

DAVIDE AND ENRI’S HOME DAVIDE AND ENRI’S HOME Place: Rittana (CN) Year: 2023 Design: Dall’albero all’arte Materials – FURNISHINGS: Larch and old oak COVERINGS: Larch and old fir FLOOR: Oak External rascard in ancient recovered beams OUR CREATIONS

WOODEN HOUSE WOODEN HOUSE Place: Demonte (CN)Year: 2023Design: Dall’albero all’arteMaterials – FURNISHINGS: Fir and old larchCOVERINGS: Larch and old firFLOOR: Larch OUR CREATIONS

VENASCA CHALET VENASCA CHALET Place: Venasca (CN) Year: 2021 Design: Dall’albero all’arte Materials: FURNISHING: oak, larch and old fir COVERINGS: larch and ancient fir OUR CREATIONS

LA BOTTE PICCOLA DYNAMIC AND VERSATILE A home transformed into a welcoming space dedicated to relaxation, entertainment and guests. The intervention was radical and completely revolutionized the layout of the spaces, eliminating structural partitions as much as possible. The property, now old in its distribution and poorly lit, has been the subject of a total …

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DERBY – LA SALLE DERBY LA SALLE Place: Derby – La Salle (AO)Year: 2022Design: Dall’albero all’arteMaterials – FURNISHINGS: old firCOVERINGS: larch and old firFLOOR: larch OUR CREATIONS

R.HOUSE – THE ESSENCE OF CEDAR R.HOUSE – THE ESSENCE OF CEDAR Place: Sestriere (TO)Year: 2021Design: Dall’albero all’arteMaterials: Brushed cedar furnishings OUR CREATIONS