Alby & FrancY Home


The entrance is rather rustic, with references to the rural and peasant world, as deduced by the numerous tools fixed to the wooden walls. The balcony in boards and Chestnut branches gives the facade a rural appearance.
The extensive use of Chestnut branches recalls the woods: intertwined and positioned as protection along the external balcony outside, and inside used to support the mantels of the fireplace, to sustain the lamp that illuminates the living room, and even in the kitchen a forked branch supports the wall unit!
Remarkable the railing of the internal staircase: the sturdy handrail made in carefully-interlocking restored beams is balanced by the transparency of the glass that creates openings to the sight… the showcase at the beginning of the staircase is its emblem.
The wardrobe in the bedroom is also notable, the shape of the wooden handles recalls the game of cards, one of the passions of the landlord.

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Place: Bernezzo (CN)
Year: 2014
Design: Dall’albero all’arte
Materials: recovered beams, Chestnut branches, mix of recovered wood