A home transformed into a welcoming space dedicated to relaxation, entertainment and guests. The intervention was radical and completely revolutionized the layout of the spaces, eliminating structural partitions as much as possible.

The property, now old in its distribution and poorly lit, has been the subject of a total renovation: floors, ceilings, electrical systems, lighting, furnishings, fabrics and accessories.

Precious materials such as ancient oak, larch and ancient fir, combined with dark, latest generation resins, create an elegant environment. Dark decorative mirrors and natural red larch tables visually amplify the space.

The lighting has been carefully designed; warm light spotlights, light panels and suspended lighting fixtures evoke the effect of natural light, enhancing every detail.

The result is a dynamic environment, where the space has been optimized with excellent results, making it practical and extremely versatile for its intended use.

Place: Vernante (CN)
Year: 2022
Design: Dall’albero all’arte
Materials – FURNISHINGS: Fir and old larch
COVERINGS: Fir and old larch
FLOOR: Larch