Castelmagno Chalet


The lodge is located at high altitude and perfectly harmonized with the surrounding structures.
Outside we built a simple and natural wooded fence with larch trunks, as the inhabitants of these valleys were used to. The original structure of the hut has been preserved also for the construction of the balconies and railings were we reemployed beams and strips removed from the previous roof, properly reworked as used on site, so as not to alter their authentic taste. There is no shortage of details such as the interlocking of the handrails and the pillars that support the balconies, the overlapping of the balustrades in level changes, the precision in the positioning of the columns despite the uneven shapes of the handrails.
Both the furnishings and the internal doors, made in ancient timber, diversify room by room to be in line with the structure that houses them.

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Place: Castelmagno (CN)
Year: 2018
Design: Fantino Costruzioni, Dall’albero all’arte
Materials: recovered beams, recovered Larch and Fir