Cervasca Dependance

A contemporary but welcoming outbuilding, different rooms in a single space, aesthetics at the service of functionality. We faced the challenge!

The ground floor is designed to accommodate bulky objects and sports equipment in two walk-in closets and an open wardrobe with a closure in fine fabrics. The walk-in closets out-of-square model and their face to face position create a transversal space that provides open view and great brightness. The two structures are in antique Larch with large external sliding Durmast doors equipped with smart internal lighting.
The upper floor satisfies all Customer’s requirements: kitchen, living room, sleeping area, bookcase. This result was achieved through an accurate study of the available space and taking advantage of the high ceiling.
We created a two-beds mezzanine, with a protruding suspended bookcase that illuminates the living area and divides the room in two separate spaces.
The modern living room furniture distinguishes for its sliding doors made of corten, a material also used for the fridge cabinet and the kitchen baseboard. The kitchen is linear and bright thanks to the use of a light shades wood, the antique Fir. The choice of black leather handles enhances the contrast with the wood and denotes great attention to details.
The TV stand is unique: specifically designed for this annex, allows to hide an extendable table to be used only when needed.
Peculiar also the cabinet next to the sofa, that acts also as a step and support for the ladder that leads to the mezzanine.
Nothing is left to chance, and this annex is certainly a demonstration!

Place: Cervasca (CN)
Year: 2018
Design: Dall’albero all’arte
Materials: Recovered beams, ancient Fir and first glaze brushed Larch, durmast, corten