Industrial Tavern


In this area slightly lowered than the living room, we created a sort of wooden “recess” with a precise role: a tasting area with table and wine bar.
The wooden walls cladding contrasts with the white of the living room walls, clearly indicating the two different environments.
The winery, made in antique first and second glaze Durmast, recalls the old village’s taverns, the presence of the beams and its asymmetrical shape make it special.
Interior design is characterized by elements that lend an industrial flavor (such as the armchair, shelves, stools, etc. ..).

Place: Val Roya- Francia
Year: 2019
Design: Dall’albero all’arte
Materials: Claddings: antique Larch and Fir
Furniture: antique first and second glaze Durmast, recycled beams
Floors: biological brushed Larch, etched effect tiles