PRATO NEVOSO apartment

A modern and fanciful accommodation in the Prato Nevoso ski area.
In the living room we opted for a Kitchen, TV stand and dining table in antique Durmast second glaze, brushed saw effect, with inserts in iron and corten. Squared shapes are proposed again both in bathrooms and in the lighting system, above the dining table, where we placed some wooden frames as chandeliers, and in the living room where we installed some spotlights in straight beams. A complete deviation to this linearity is represented by the sofa table and the winding beam that supports and connects the shelves hung on the stone column.
Each bedroom has its own peculiarity: in the first, bed, ceiling and TV stand are connected by half beams joining into one; in the second one, we got an extra bed thanks to a flying structure.
Fabrics have been combined to obtain customized cushions and curtains.

Place: Prato Nevoso (CN)
Year: 2019
Design: Dall’albero all’arte
Materiali: Recycled Durmast secon glaze
Upholstery: mix of Swiss Pine, Larch and ancient Fir
Floors: biological Fir