Private SPA Valle Maira

If ancestors could see what a wonderful wellness area their cellar has become, they would be amazed!

After a long day hiking, nothing is better than sauna and pool to relax, protected in a shell of stone and Larch that provides warmth and shelter from external thermal changes.
The pool is bordered by wooden paneling and led lighting, inserted flush, that illuminates softly the area. Three side by side with increasing height logs allows to access the pool. The sauna is built with half beams, like an external wall, almost like being in front of a different structure.
Noteworthy the processing of the beams and coverings, meticulously shaped following the profile of the stones.

Place: Valle Maira (CN)
Year: 2019
Design: Dall’albero all’arte
Materials: Coverings: mix of antique Swiss Pine, Larch and Fir, half beams
Floor: biological Larch