The desire to create timeless atmospheres has shaped the design of the spaces.

The goal was to establish a dimension of relaxation, a refuge from the thousand stimuli of everyday life. In essence, a house where you can suspend references to work and regenerate.

The reconfiguration of the spaces began with the fireplace, which ideally represents the focal point of the entire domestic path. A linear hearth, with a contemporary approach but assembled with a vivid sense of tradition.

The coverings of the house are entrusted to a mix of pine, larch and centuries-old fir, often accompanied by stone. The residence extends over two floors. One of the strong points of the project is undoubtedly the staircase that connects them, with cedar wood steps that protrude decisively from the lively design of the stone walls, “illuminated” by LED lights hidden by the handrail. The robust material essence of the stone wall is balanced and simultaneously enhanced by the elegant transparency of the glass barrier.

What about bedrooms and bathrooms? And what is the story behind this house? Read the article below to find out!

Place: Venasca (CN)
Year: 2021
Design: Dall’albero all’arte
Materials: FURNISHING: oak, larch and old fir
COVERINGS: larch and ancient fir
OTHER: pine, chestnut wood, cedar, stone, crystals, leather