La Poiana Cheese Shops


Entering any of “La Poiana” shops you’ll feel like being shot to high altitude and in another era… this is due to the furniture choices such as the use of antique Fir and Larch, as well as Chestnut, all woods used since ancient times in Cuneo valleys. Here and there you’ll notice stone insertions, another element widely present in alpine huts.
Each store has its own peculiarity… but all of them evoke the mountain pastures from which the rich assortment of cheeses comes.

Places: Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN), Boves (CN), Pradleves (CN)
Year: 2015-2017
Design: Dall’albero all’arte
Materials: recovered beams, mix of Larch, mountain quarry stones
Claddings: ancient Fir and Larch
Floor: ancient Larch