In this high-level B&B, the modern and elegant furnishing accessories and the custom-designed and tailored fabrics contribute to enhancing the harmony and beauty of the solid wood furniture.
On the ground floor, the essentiality and elegance of the bar counter is striking. It is embellished with the silhouette of a deer made in corten, an element re-proposed, albeit in different ways, both in curtains, cushions and furnishings.
The use of corten for the cladding gives the fireplace a touch of refinement.
Each room is different… In one we created a game of wooden valances that mask the bed and desk lighting; another one offers a canopy bed with worked flounces and a bathtub in the room; the suite is located in a larger space and adds the fireplace made in stone and wood.
The balanced and well mixed use of the materials give this masterpiece refinement, liveliness and warmth at the same time.

Place: La Salle (AO)
Year: 2018
Design: Dall’albero all’arte
Materials: recovered beams, mountain quarry stones
Cladding: antique Fir and Larch
Floor: antique Larch
Fabrics: fine wool