Ski Grill


Placed in the whiteness of the ski slopes of Prato Nevoso, it catches immediately the attention for its charm. The restaurant room is irresistible: built in green building, supported by powerful ancient beams and enriched with classy elements, such as fur on benches and lampshades, fine wool curtains, tables made in antique Durmast. One of the peculiarities of the room is in the partition walls, composed of old curvilinear beams expertly superimposed.
For the hall we chose a linear style in harmony with the structure, yet maintaining a link with the restaurant room thanks to the antique wood claddings, the sinuous shapes of the branches used for the tables direct lighting, the respect for the natural lines of wood (as shown in the pantry doors).
We designed a sophisticated and adjustable lighting system adapted to evenings and events of different nature; in addition to the spotlights, LED lighting runs along the ceiling and walls beams.

Place: Prato Nevoso (CN)
Year: 2018/2019
Design: Dall’albero all’arte
Materials: recycled beams, mountain quarry stones
Cladding: antique Fir and Larch
Floor: antique Larch