Cheggio Chalet

A splendid dwelling close to the snowy alpine peaks.
The kitchen is made in antique brushed Fir. The central drawer and some parts of the base are shaped with notches and half circles to recall the ancient alpine settings. A special mention to the dish drainer, that allows the opening of the window and does not obstruct the view nor the light.
The winery is a gem of the living area, its doors were part of this hut from long ago, we recovered and inserted them into the cabinet, giving them a new identity.
The staircase is also of great value, made entirely of antique Larch: the joists have been carefully selected to obtain columns and railings with similar sizes and sections.

Place: Cheggio (VB)
Year: 2018
Design: Dall’albero all’arte
Materials: antique brushed Fir, antique brushed Larch