Cialancia Chalet

Rustic? Alpine? No doubts on this!

This lodge is the result of a renovation in an ancient village in Valle Grana (CN).
The original walls have been kept, intervening with wooded siding only where necessary.
The kitchen is built in blocks, so as to support the existing walls and niches.
Let’s talk about the rooms …
A bold choice was to leave the wall intact, blackened over the years by the smoke of the stove. A truly fitting decision, given that those who come here expect to experience the mountain as it was without finesse. The bunk beds do not have an own structure, but are anchored partly to the wall and partly to the beam that goes up to the ceiling. The wardrobes are very particular, for which we have assembled ancient Poplar and red Larch.
Great attention was paid to details regarding all the hand-embroidered curtains, bedspreads and cushions. Also the decorations on the headboard and on the lampshades match with the details of the fabrics.

Place: Cialancia-Valle Grana (CN)
Year: 2017
Design: Dall’albero all’arte
Materials: Ceiling: recovered beams, antique Larch and Fir
Furnishing: antique Poplar, red Larch, antique Larch and Fir
Floor: brushed solid Durmast