Limone Piemonte Chalet

A surprising two-room apartment!!

A small but extremely welcoming space, designed in every detail.
Walking in, there is a bench made of antique Fir, equipped with a practical dresser and luggage rack. The soft boiled wool cushions combined with the curtains make the entrance, from which it is possible to go directly into the luxurious and elegant, made of antique Fir bedroom, even more inviting. Each element combines with the others through a common thread, without boring the guest. To be noted for example, the handles covered in wool, matched with the headboard and the bed cushions, the lampshades that recall the embroidery of the curtain, the embrasse in fur like the couvre pieds…
The only enigmatic and mysterious component is the big second glaze Durmast suitcase placed next to the sofa…that reveals, while opening, a small but charming dining area equipped with fridge, sink, coffee machine and everything you need to make the guest feel cuddled and at ease.
The same can be said of the kid’s bedroom, here the elements made with different materials alternate and combine, keeping the colours as common theme: the wardrobes with fabric handles for the doors and in leather for the drawers, the rich cushions composed of wool, eco-leather, fur and boiled wool, matching curtains and lampshades. The antique Fir furniture is enriched with delicate frills.

Place: Limone Piemonte (CN)
Year: 2017
Design: Dall’albero all’arte
Materials: Coverings: biological Larch
Floor: biological Larch
Furniture: ancient Fir and ancient second glaze Durmast