Limone Piemonte Chalet
main accommodation

An airy and relaxing home, a Larch nest to enjoy the alpine environment in the famous ski resort of Limone Piemonte.

The living area is wide and bright, the horizontal biological Larch claddings create continuity and harmony. The kitchen furniture continues the linearity of the rooms and is arranged neatly along the three walls, with the flush-mounted appliances that alternate with the wooden doors. The handles, in brushed Larch, blend in with the veining and knots of the surfaces.
The fireplace in stone and antique Fir stands out with its rounded and bizarre shape that interrupts the linearity of the spaces and creates a corner of enveloping warmth.
The design of the bedrooms, based on the essentiality of the raw materials, allows the accessories to stand out.
The staircase leading to the upper floor is no exception: coherent and functional, made of biological Larch, it features with doors and drawers in order make the most of the under-stair compartment.
The precision in the laying and the meticulous attention of the woodwork enhances the linearity of the spaces.

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Place: Limone Piemonte (CN)
Year: 2016
Design: Fantino Costruzioni, Dall’albero all’arte
Materials: Fireplace: mountain quarry stones, ancient Fir
Covering: biological Larch
Floor: biological Larch