Located in the Maritime Alps, this Piedmontese residence on the border with France has undergone a complete modernization to breathe new life into it. The renovation involved redefining existing spaces with the goal of combining practicality, elegance, and warmth using materials suitable for various areas.

The entrance and the open-space area were enriched with stone cladding from nearby quarries, and some wall coverings were executed in antique wood.

Ceilings were structured with open and closed spaces defined by recovered beams, adapted to accommodate both direct and indirect lighting. The floor was replaced with brushed eco-friendly larch.

The kitchen, made of solid wood with a covering of antique fir, incorporates a bar and wine area. An ingenious table optimizes space, remaining hidden until needed.

The bedroom underwent a rustic transformation with a lowered ceiling and raised floor, creating a visually impactful and cozy alcove.

The bathroom was relocated and expanded, including a laundry and dressing area.

Careful design of lighting and fabrics enhanced the key elements of the project.

Place: Demonte (CN)
Year: 2023
Design: Dall’albero all’arte
Materials – FURNISHINGS: Fir and old larch
COVERINGS: Larch and old fir
FLOOR: Larch